TEREV Foods is an organic and natural food products creating and developing company. We are dedicated to bringing you foods and beverages with highest quality and taste standards from all over the world. TEREV Foods is focusing only on foods made from real and natural ingredients without use of any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives. We are committed to making products that are not genetically modified (non-GMO), according to criteria applied by the European Union and United States Department of Agriculture. Our facilities are certified HACCP and ISO, and are quality checked and continuously monitored by recognized organisations. At TEREV Foods we are passionate about good, healthy food and well-being!


“Terev” means “leaf” translated from the Armenian language. The leaf symbolizes the nature and the life, the fertility and the growth. It confirms our views and believes on how healthy, safe and real food is important for all of us. Our logo represents a close-up shot of a leaf, showing the network of channels distributing the necessary nutrients and the energy. It perfectly describes our careful and detailed approach to every product we are creating and distributing. It confirms our strong commitment to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Transparency – We believe people should be aware of what they are eating, so we are committed to transparency. We never use confusing labels and are always honest and open with our customers.

Quality and Safety – We consider food quality and safety one of our core values. That means we have implemented high quality standards and strict food safety management systems.

Innovation – We are permanently creating new products and growing our categories to meet the various needs of our customers who are always in the center of everything we do.

Teamwork – We are building strong, effective relationships with our colleagues and customers. Collaboration and interdependence are fundamental to achieving our objectives.

Passion – Passion is at the heart of our company. We are enthusiastic and passionate about our brands and businesses, about what we do and who we are.


Our strategy is to position our company for a long term growth by setting clear, ambitious goals.

– We focus on growing and promoting our brands to make them accessible for more and more consumers.

– We are constantly diversifying product categories and expending geographically.

– We continue promoting our strong commitment to healthy and real foods and support people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

– We seek out and promote organic agriculture and support small family farming.

– Our company is developing strong relationships with our retail customers to accelerate mutual growth.

We are determined to provide the healthiest and highest quality foods to our clients through better and stronger partnerships.